What is a Property Questionnaire?

property questionnaire

29 Jan What is a Property Questionnaire?

The property questionnaire is the third document within the home report. It is usually completed by the person that is selling the property as the information provided is often only known by them.

The purpose of the property questionnaire is to provide the new owner or potential buyers with helpful information that they’ll need to know about the property should they be the new owners.

The property questionnaire was designed to be straightforward enough for the seller to complete themselves, though it is nine pages long so it is important it is filled in with thought and accuracy for the new owner. There are some questions within the report that the seller may find difficult to answer, such as information on any alterations or extension work that has been carried out on the property. In these instances, the seller should speak to the conveyancing solicitor or the Home Report company for help with completing these sections.

The main topics covered within the property questionnaire are information on council tax bands, parking arrangements, information on alterations to the property, information on the central heating system in the property (if there is one), information on services provided to the property such as gas/electric/telephone/TV/broadband or satellite and water mains providers.

There is also information on responsibilities of shared or common areas at the property such as contributions for shared costs – gardening/cleaning of stairwells/repairs or upkeep of communal areas.  There is also information on access rights for instances where you may have to walk through a neighbours property to put your bins out or vice versa where a neighbour has to enter your property to access bins/driveway etc. Any details of a similar nature will be documented within the property questionnaire.

The seller will also provide any information on guarantees on work carried out at the property, for example there may be a 5yr guarantee on electrical work that has been carried out, or a 10 year guarantee on damp course treatments.

An example of the property questionnaire can be found here https://www.homereportcompany.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/property_questionnaire_example.pdf

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