Property Valuation Report – Scheme 1

Our team of highly experienced Chartered Surveyors offer a range of property valuations, often known as private valuation reports, in addition to the Home Report.

Professionally prepared and unbiased, these independent valuation reports are very different from a Home Report and are not a legal requirement when it comes to selling a home. Private valuation reports are used for a number of circumstances: matrimonial valuations; tax planning; inheritance planning; shared equity settlement; private off-market sales; and insurance valuations.

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What is included in a Private Valuation Report? – Scheme 1 Report

A private valuation is a legal and professional assessment of the price of a property. This report doesn’t detail anything about the structure of the property, instead solely focusing on its market condition and value. It’s very beneficial when it comes to tax planning, inheritance planning, shared equity and resolving financial issues surrounding separations or divorces.

At Home Report Company, our team regularly provide private valuation reports to homes across Scotland. Due to the sensitive nature of many of these, the team are available 7 days a week, at times that suit you.

Our Range of Property Valuations

Tax Valuations, including Inheritance Planning

When it comes to inheritance planning or winding up an estate after a person passes away, ascertaining the current value of the property is key. Our team of chartered surveyors have extensive experience in this and are available 7 days a week.

Matrimonial Valuations

When a marriage or long term relationship ends, there will be a number of financial matters to resolve. This often includes the property shared. Valuation reports are often carried out to assess the current market value to ensure assets are divided fairly. These reports are fully independent and unbiased.

Shared Ownership Valuation

This valuation is needed if you’ve bought a home using a shared ownership scheme, for example, the governments ‘Help to Buy’ or when the equity of the property is split with another person. If you wish to sell, buy out the other party or repay the loan then an independent valuation is needed.

Get a Private Valuation Report

If you’re looking for a private valuation report, here at the Home Report Company we have offices across Scotland. Our highly experienced Chartered Surveyors, all regulated by the RICS, are available 7 days a week, at times that suit you.

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