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how long does a home report last

08 May How long does a home report last?

The documents within the Home Report must not be any older than 12 weeks old at the time that your property goes on the market.There is no official ‘expiry date’ of the Home Report in Scotland once the property is on the market. However, if...

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property questionnaire

29 Jan What is a Property Questionnaire?

The property questionnaire is the third document within the home report. It is usually completed by the person that is selling the property as the information provided is often only known by them.The purpose of the property questionnaire is to provide the new owner or...

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Does A Home Report Include a Valuation?

16 Nov Does A Home Report Include a Valuation?

One of the most common questions we are asked over the phone is, “do your Home Reports include a mortgage valuation?”. Quite often people don’t believe us when we tell them that it is not required, even though it is outlined on the Scottish Government’s...

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Home Report if You're Selling a Property in Scotland

17 Nov Home Reports if You’re Selling a Property in Scotland

If you are selling a property in Scotland, you need to provide a Home Report. Home Reports were introduced by the Scottish Government in 2008 for the benefits of property buyers.It is a pack containing information about the property for potential buyers. What is a Home Report? A Home...

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Buy-to-let Landlords Struggle with Tax Increases

13 Oct Buy-to-let Landlords Struggle with Tax Increases

As landlords lose battle challenging the buy-to-let tax changes, more and more of Britain’s largest buy to let landlords are planning to sell off their homes. Read on to find out what this means for you and how you can save money as a landlord...

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