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The information in your answers will help ensure that the sale of your house goes smoothly. Please answer each question with as much detailed information as you can.

If anything changes after you fill in this questionnaire but before the date of entry for the sale of your house, tell your solicitor or estate agent immediately.

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Your Property Details

What are the arrangements for parking at your property?

Alterations, Additions & Extensions The relevant documents will be needed by the purchaser and you should give them to your solicitor as soon as possible for checking.
If you do not have the documents yourself, please advise who has these documents and your solicitor or estate agent will arrange to obtain them.

Central Heating

Energy Performance Certificate

Issues that may have affected your property

Services Please select which services are connected to your property and give details of the supplier:

Responsibilities for shared or common areas

Charges associated with your property

Specialist Works

Guarantees Are there any guarantees or warranties for any of the following?:


Notices that affect your property If you have answered yes to any of the above, please give the notices to your solicitor or estate agent, including any notices which arrive at any time before the date of entry of the purchaser of your property.


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