We’ve Adapted
and are Here For You

Home Report Company recognise that is this a rapidly changing situation, which is unpredictable and unprecedented however we also feel that it is important to the economy to keep things moving and we will continue to provide our services as much as possible over this strange time we are all facing.

Our fundamental priority is our people and the safety of our clients; therefore, we are changing things a little, but we are still able to provide an excellent service to our clients.

What Are We Doing?

  1. Home Based Staff – most of our staff work remotely from home anyways, so this is nothing new for us. We have the tools, procedures and systems to work this way and nothing will change.
  2. We may ask that if you hear a child in the background you don’t think it’s because we are unprofessional, its because we support our staff and understand this is a trying hard time for families.
  3. Field based Surveyors – at present we are available for a full range of services including Home Reports and Valuations work. Our promise is that where a Surveyor is working and not isolating per current guidance, they will be scrupulous in their attention to detail when entering your home. Good hand hygiene and distancing practice will be followed at all times.
COVID-19 Process

What Does This Mean For You?

  1. Our surveyors will call ahead and run through the booking process questions and confirm it is still acceptable to still access the property.
  2. Surveyors will wear gloves and masks when they enter your property and throughout the inspection.
  3. Our surveyors will maintain a safe personal distance from you and your family. We would ask that you keep the safe distance away from them and if possible wait in outside while the inspection is being carried out, if you have questions you will be given the surveyors number who you can call and talk to directly after the inspection. Again, we aren’t being rude, but we are keeping you and our team safe!
  4. Make sure all doors to ever room is open before the surveyor arrives
  5. It will greatly assist the team if you clear access to boilers and utilities within the property and expose
  6. Any areas such as cellars and roof spaces have access before surveyor arrives.