property selling tips

29 May Property Selling Tips

If you’re planning to put your property on the market, you’ll need to get your home looking its absolute best. Follow our simple tips to get it looking ‘sale-ready’ in just a few hours:DeclutterDecluttering your home will make a huge difference. It will allow potential buyers to visualise...

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What is a Home Report in Scotland?

30 Apr What is a Home Report in Scotland?

The Home Report was introduced in Scotland in December 2008. The purpose of the Home Report is to provide potential buyers with upfront information about the condition of the property which will enable them to make informed decisions prior to either viewing, or putting an...

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Top Tips to Get the Best Price for Your Property

09 Apr Top Tips to Get the Best Price for Your Property

All sellers want to achieve the best possible price for their property, to sell in the quickest time possible and achieve the highest price offered. This means using an experienced selling agent who has extensive market knowledge, access to all the most popular selling platforms...

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Tips for Landlords to keep their boilers well maintained

25 Mar Tips for Landlords To Keep Boilers Well Maintained

Following the warmest February on record, March saw some snowfall in parts of the UK. Storms Gareth and Hannah also wreaked havoc across Britain. Direct Line for Business is advising landlords that prevention is better than cure, warning they shouldn’t be complacent when it comes...

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How to make your home more energy efficient

08 Mar How to make your home more energy efficient

In preparation for selling your home, there are many things you can do to make it more energy efficient and improve EPC rating. Have a look at our energy savings advice to see if there’s anything you could apply in your home. Quick wins Make sure you...

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Does a High EPC rating mean a better property valuation?

26 Feb Does a High EPC Rating Mean a Better Property Valuation?

Improving your home value through energy efficiency With today’s importance on environmental consciousness, energy efficient homes are achieving higher prices on the property market. Energy efficient homes are priced at a premium because their ‘green’ upgrades offer both reduced utility bills and avoided maintenance expenses. These...

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What is a chartered surveyor?

24 Jan What is a Chartered Surveyor?

Prior to buying or selling a property, you’ll possibly never have heard of a chartered surveyor or know what their role is in the purchase/sale process. In this blog post, we will explain all aspects so that you are fully informed.A Chartered Surveyor is a...

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Selling your property in Winter

10 Jan Selling your property in Winter

There is a common misconception that winter isn’t a great time to sell your home. Historically people have thought of spring being the best time to sell and winter perhaps being a bit quieter. However, the reality is that if you’re able to get your...

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Property Market Update November 2018

11 Dec Property Market Update November 2018

Seller confidence and buyer demand remain strong in east central Scotland property market  During September and November 2018, there was a substantial year on year increase in the volume of properties coming onto the market in east central Scotland, with the number of listings up 14.1%...

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Is Winter a Good Time to Sell Your Property?

02 Dec Is Winter a Good Time to Sell Your Property?

The short, the answer is ‘Yes’. Winter can be a great time to sell your property as buyer demand typically outstrips the supply of homes for sale, putting sellers in a strong position.As we enter December, the property market is certainly not at a standstill....

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