House Viewing Checklist

House-viewing checklist

22 Oct House Viewing Checklist

House viewing can be fun and exciting, but it’s also one of the biggest purchases in your life. Check out our top tips to ensure you don’t get lost in the excitement of it all.

Create a list of what matters

Before you arrange to view any properties create a list of the things that you’d like it to have. Be firm about separating the list into the things which are essential and those that are desirable, then take the list along with you to viewings. It is also a good idea while you are at the property to take notes. If you’re doing more than one viewing in a day, they can often merge into one. You don’t want to forget any essential elements. Take notes on the pros and cons you notice while walking around.

Look over the home report before viewing

The Home Report in Scotland is designed to provide potential buyers with more information about a property they are thinking of buying prior to them submitting an offer. The report should include information on the condition, value, energy efficiency and charges associated with the property. You can download a copy of the Home Report for properties on ESPC, or ask the sellers agent to email you a copy while you’re arranging the viewing.

Find out exactly what is included in the sale

The extras included in the sale will generally be listed in the sales brochure but make sure to you see all of what you are getting. Many buyers presume that certain items will be included in the property sale and will be left by the seller. But when it comes to buying a house, never presume anything that isn’t written down in the contract.

Check the storage space

An empty property will always look bigger than a fully furnished property, so you need to check that there really is enough room. It’s easy to forget just how much ‘stuff’ you’ve accumulated over the years so make sure that if you do make an offer on the property that it will have enough space to store all your current belongings, as well as some extra space for new items that you’re likely to buy after you move in.

Take your time

Don’t feel pressured by other viewers or the homeowner. This is your chance to see the property for yourself, so take the time to explore everything you can to get a feel for the place, and whether or not you want to live there. Leave time to check out the nearby streets and the local neighbourhood for a better overall impression.

Investigate the neighbourhood

Spend at least half an hour walking around the general area to see how close the things that matter to you, such as cafes, schools, transport links or local shops, are. Also revisit at rush hour, in the evenings, on weekends and weekdays. Get a feel for what the area is like and make sure that it has the amenities that you need.

View the property more than once

Even in a fast-moving market, don’t be afraid to go back for a second viewing. The more times you view a house, the more likely you are to spot potential problems. Ideally, go back at a different time so you know what the area is like at night as well as well as during the day.

Be nice!

Most sellers have an emotional attachment to their homes especially if they’ve lived there for a number of years. They want them to fall into the hands of an acceptable buyer. It never hurts to make a good impression on the homeowner when they’re showing you around their home. If they are faced with two similar offers, it could just sway things in your favour!

If selling, you’ll also need a Home Report to be carried out. We are the leading providers of Home Reports across Scotland, carrying out Home Reports at a time convenient to you. We work early mornings, evenings and weekends too and are competitively priced. Give us a call on 0131 608 0175 or email us at

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