Top 10 Reasons People Move to A New House

30 Jul Top 10 Reasons People Move to A New House

Moving home can be stressful, time consuming and costly, which begs the question why do so many people move to a new house? From lack of space to a new job, our latest blog post explains the top 10 reasons why people decide that relocation is the best option…

1. Need more space

First time home buyers often start with a small ‘fit for purpose’ property to get a foot on the property ladder, but as their situation or circumstances change, they can see outgrow their starter home. It may be that they have met a partner and have plans to start a family meaning a larger home is required or change of job means more expendable income for a bigger mortgage.

2. Upgrade

Deciding whether to improve your existing property or move to a new house entirely can be a difficult decision. It can often be more cost effective to make alterations to your existing home to create additional space, but it’s not always possible, in which case people choose to move to a more practical home or they simple have the funds to upgrade.

3. New job

Relocation with a new job can sometimes mean commuting distance is simply too long so no longer an option. Buying a property closer to a new job means more time at home with family and friends.

4. Kids have flown the nest

Once the kids have grown up and moved out, many parents choose to downsize to a more manageable sized property, often making cost savings from which can be used to enjoy retirement.

5. Relationships

Entering into a relationship will ultimately (in most cases) at some stage involve wanting to move in together. This may mean that one house (or both) persons house will be put on the market to fund something with more space and suitability for a couple. Similarly, when people split-up, a house move for one or both parties is on the cards.

6. Being closer to family or friends

For many people, living closer to their family is highly important and can be one of the key reasons people choose to move home. As the family extends over several generations, parents may feel they’d like to be nearer to their children, and grandparents prefer to live nearer their children and grandchildren.

7. Catchment areas for schools

Everyone wants the best possible education for their children and school catchment areas are a top priority for many property buyers. Properties that are within a few metres of each other can attract very different prices owing to the school catchment area that they fall into. If you are lucky enough to be selling a property in a great catchment area your ideal buyer is someone to whom this matters. If you are outside the catchment area, focusing on other selling features, or appealing to people whose children are already in a nearby private school, will be your best bet.

8. Change of lifestyle or scenery

Those feeling unsettled in their current home or searching for a fresh start are most likely to uproot and move to a completely different location. Whether you want to move from the hustle of the busy city to the peaceful countryside or vice versa, many decide that a change of scenery or lifestyle is the ideal option for them.

9. Cost of running a house

A change of income or need to save money means many choose to relocate to an area where the running costs of a house are much lower. From the price of the house itself to rent or bills, the expense of owning and running a house can cause many to move to a different area.

10. Changes in the surrounding area

Since originally moving into your current home, the neighbourhood might have significantly deteriorated for economic, social or physical reasons. This might mean that you choose to relocate to an area where you feel much happier and more comfortable in your surroundings.

Moving to a new house can be a challenging task but, in most cases, it is extremely beneficial for your lifestyle and peace of mind. Changing factors in your life or personal preference can result in relocation which may initially be rather costly but will be a positive decision in the long run.

We fully understand that moving to a new house can be a stressful experience, which is why we offer home reports at a competitive cost with a fast turnaround time. No matter what your reason for relocating, if you’re selling one or more properties, we can assist with home reports across the whole of Scotland including EdinburghGlasgowAberdeen and Fife.

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