How Much Does It Cost For a Home Report?

11 Apr How Much Does It Cost For a Home Report?

There is no set-in-stone answer to this question and it very much depends on a number of contributing factors, including value and location of the property for sale.

When checking out quotes for a home report, it is important to consider the following:

  • Are the firm or individual surveyor is regulated by RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors)?
  • Does the surveyor carrying out the Home Report has a good knowledge of the local area?

If you can answer yes to the above criteria, then you have certainly chosen a surveyor who has the appropriate experience and knowledge to carry out your home report.

The cost for a home report can vary so much as it will for most products and services. It will also vary depending on the location of the property as the surveyor will usually quote based on a number of factors such as the time taken to travel to the property, the time taken to inspect the property, the value of the property and the time taken to create and prepare the Home Report Document. Generally speaking, the cost of the Home Report will be higher if the property is in an extremely remote area, large, old, and of high value. The cost of a home report on a fairly close by, small, new, lower value property will be significantly less.

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