Selling your home in Summer

Selling your home in Summer

08 May Selling your home in Summer

With Summer just around the corner, now is a good time to start thinking about what you might need to do in order to get the best price for your property.

There are various opinions about when is the best time of year to sell, many say summer is best if you want a high chance of selling fast for a good price. Having worked in the property market for a number of years, from experience we would say any time of year is good to sell your home providing you do your research, preparation and market it correctly. However, there are periods of the year where less people are looking to buy or sell due to factors including Christmas. Generally, summer is a great time to sell and here’s a number of reasons why:

Demand is strong

During the second half of 2016 and into the first quarter of 2017, we have seen a continued imbalance between supply and demand in the Scottish property market.

Recent sales figures published by ESPC showed that between January and March 2017, the number of new properties coming to the market decreased by 4.9% year on year. The same report also reveals that the average time taken for a property to sell in East Central Scotland fell from 41 days to 29 days, this means that properties are selling 29.1% faster when comparing January and March 2017 to 2016.

For property sellers, the current market conditions represent an excellent chance to get a great price in a relatively short time frame.

It’s aesthetically pleasing

Summer is a great time of year to present your home to potential buyers and show it off in all its glory! It’s the time of year when gardens are in full bloom meaning it’ll capture the attention of viewers as soon as the approach your property. A manicured lawn and a few strategically placed shrubs or bedding plants can have an amazing impact and boost the overall appearance of your home. Property agents will often mention the importance of ‘kerb appeal’, and a beautiful summer garden is one of the way in which you can master this. If you are selling a property which doesn’t have a garden, there are still plenty ways in which you can make the best of your outside space, such as adding some summer pot plants or shrubs on your balcony or entrance porch.

Great weather!

Typically, as we make the shift from Spring to Summer, the weather starts to improve. We have already had some beautiful sunny days in Scotland with temperatures rising as high as 13 degrees. Not only is the weather better, the evenings are longer and lighter, making us feel happier and more optimistic about life in general.

With more buyers out and about, coupled with the fact they are likely in an upbeat mood, you have a higher chance of generating strong interest in your property. With the lighter nights, it allows more flexibility in terms of viewings, so make sure you work with an agent who is happy to organise viewings after office closing hours.

It’s easy to create that WOW factor

Not only is summer a great time to show off your outside space with your beautifully manicured garden, it’s also a great time of year to make sure the inside of your house is more desirable to buyers. Add some finishing touches that will enhance the WOW factor the minute a potential buyer walks into your home. A few simple ideas that can make all the difference include placing seasonal flowers in pretty vases around your home, make some freshly ground coffee or bake some bread an hour or so before viewers are due to arrive. These smells will be particularly appealing on a lovely summers day. Do make sure however there is plenty ventilation and you’d given the property a good airing prior to viewers arriving – no-one wants to small last nights curry!

There will never be a better time to move-up

If you have been thinking about buying a larger or more expensive home, think about doing it now – before the interest rates and home prices rise further. Rates are expected to increase by about 1% over the next year, as rising inflation is pressuring Bank governor Mark Carney to raise the current 0.25% rate even as UK economic growth slows.


We are here to help! Embracing buyer demand could put you in a much better position than if you wait till autumn. Make the most of the sunshine when it arrives and get the ball rolling with your property sale, take advantage of what can be a very busy time for the property market. Call us on 0131 608 0175 or email us at for advice about selling and to have your property home report carried out. We provide home reports across Scotland – including Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen – at a time that suits you. Understanding that sellers lead busy lives,

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