Benefits of Having Your Home Report Carried Out by The Home Report Company

20 Jan Benefits of Having Your Home Report Carried Out by The Home Report Company

The Home Report was introduced in Scotland in December 2008. Anyone who puts their property on the market for sale in Scotland must obtain a Home Report which is available for prospective buyers and their agents for the duration that the property is for sale.

There are some exceptions to the rule; new-build properties and any properties where the sale is off-market (no advertising of the property takes place at all). However, these are generally minority cases and most sellers must have the Home Report carried out and available to potential buyers prior to the property going on the market.

The Home Report document consists of 3 parts:

If you are a buyer, the solicitor doing the purchase may instruct their own surveyor to carry out a valuation of the property. This is a separate document for the purpose of the lender (if the buyer is borrowing funds to purchase the property) to satisfy their needs that the right the right price for the property is being paid. The mortgage valuation report involves a brief inspection (usually less than 20 minutes) and should not be confused with a survey. The report is for the lender and usually only two or three pages in length.

Sellers are often under the impression that the Mortgage Valuation is part of the Home Report, but the Government states that it is not a requirement to provide it if you are the seller , so be sure that (as the seller) you don’t end up paying a higher price for a Home Report which includes a MVR as lenders will more often than not instruct their own surveyor to carry this out.

We, the Home Report company launched in early 2014 by Andrew Mackenzie who is a Chartered Surveyor. Louise Mackenzie supports Andrew; she brings with her over 10 years’ experience in professional services marketing. The company’s directors are supported by a team of locally trained and knowledgeable Chartered Surveyors, as well as an in-house team to provide our clients with the best customer service.

Here are some of the benefits of having your Home Report(s) carried out by the Home Report Company:

Price competitive

We provide Home Reports across Scotland, including Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. Our Home Report costs are based on the property value and location. We offer Home Reports at competitive prices with a quality service. To talk to someone to arrange an up to date quote, you can contact us using this form.


Providing Home Reports is the core of our business as this is what we do best, meaning we can get to you faster than other other firms which carry out several different services and have to find the time to carry out a Home Report usually within business working hours.  It also means our turnaround time in getting the relevant documents back to you is far quicker than multiple service providers. This in turns means you’ll generally be able to get your property on the market faster!


We know the majority of our clients work and have busy lives, so we don’t work the regular 9-5. We are open from 8am-10pm Monday to Friday, and 10am-10pm Saturday and Sunday. We also offer early morning, evening and weekend appointments! We want to make sure that we work around your diary and not the other way round.


If you are having any questions about a Home Report or need advice with selling your property, get in touch with us for an informal chat to discuss how we can help. You can call us on 0131 608 0175 or email us at

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