Scottish Home Report FAQs

Scottish Home Report FAQs

16 May Scottish Home Report FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Home Report required for residents in Scotland.

When selling a property in Scotland, you will need to commission and provide prospective buyers with a Home Report. Here a few answers to frequently asked questions around the Home Report in Scotland. Some surveyors may provide a very generic valuation report for the purpose of prospective mortgage lenders, but there is no obligation for the seller to provide this. Most lenders will actually instruct their own panels of surveyors to carry out the valuation anyway.

What is in a Home Report?

The Home Report consists of a Single Survey, Energy Report (which includes the Energy Performance Certificate) and the Property Questionnaire (which is completed by the person selling the property).

Who pays for the Home Report?

It is the seller’s duty to provide and pay for the Home Report. According to the Scottish Government, there is no legislation to state that the buyer should be liable for costs towards the Home Report.

What is the cost of a Home Report?

The cost of the Home Report varies from property to property depending on the size of the house. If you’d like a quote from us, your local surveyor, at a time to suit you, give a call or email us at to arrange a suitable time. We are flexible to your needs and work weekends and evenings.

Will I need to refresh the Home Report at any stage?

The Home Report documents should it be more than 12 weeks old when your property goes on the market. However, there is no official expiry date for the Home Report. If the property remains on the market for a very long time, you may decide the Home Report needs a refresh to bring it up to date or a prospective buyer may request that it is brought up to date.

If you wish to have this carried out, the refresh is no an additional survey, usually just a straight forward re-inspection.

What if an issue is identified in the Home Report such as damp or dry rot?

The purpose of the Home Report Is to inform the buyer of any existing or underlying issues with the property and eliminate any nasty surprises at the last minute during a sale. If there are problems with the property highlighted within the Home Report, it is not the obligation of the seller to fix the issue, however, in some instances the buyer and seller may come to some arrangement to have repairs carried out prior to sale, or make an agreement on the purchase cost taking into consideration any works that will require immediate report on the property.

How quickly can I get the Home Report carried out?

We have very flexible times/days to suit all, so why not give us a call to arrange at a time to suit you. We can usually carry out Home Reports within a week and the completed Home Report will be returned back to you usually within two working days. The Home Report can be posted to you or sent electronically.

If you are thinking of marketing your property, have any questions around the sale of a property or would like to arrange a Home Report, drop us an email at or call us on 0131 608 0175 and we’ll be delighted to help!

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