What is a Home Report

05 Feb What is a Home Report

Home Reports


Home Reports where introduced by the Scottish Government in 2008 for the benefits of property buyers.

In Scotland, all sellers are required to provide a Home Report when they sell a property and have to provide a copy of the Home Report to any potential buyers when requested.

What does the Home Report consist of?

The Scottish Home Report consists of three separate documents, which gives buyers a picture of the condition of the property they are interested in before they consider making an offer or viewing the property.

The Single Survey

The Single Survey is a detailed report on the condition of the property, providing detailed information about the condition and value of the property before any offers are submitted.

The elements within the single survey are graded in categories 1 to 3, 1 being good, no immediate repair required, 2 – repair or replacement requires further attention, but estimates are still advised, lastly category 3 – states urgent repairs or replacements are needed imminently. Failure to deal with category 3’s may lead to further problems or cause a safety hazard.

The Energy Performance Certificate

The energy performance certificate details the energy rating for the property. It provides information on the energy efficiency of the property as well as the environmental impact. The certificate provides the following information:

Energy efficiency rating

Environmental impact CO2 rating

Estimated energy use, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and fuel costs

Summary of the property’s energy performance related features

Recommended measures in order to improve the property’s energy performance

The Property Questionnaire

The property questionnaire is the final part of the Home Report and is completed by the seller or someone else on behalf of the seller. The questionnaire’s purpose is to provide potential buyers with information that the current property owner is likely to know and provide information on such as council tax band or whether any home improvements have been made with or without planning permission. This in theory should minimise the risk of any delays during the conveyancing process.

How to get a Home Report?

At the Home Report Company, we aim to make selling your property as easy as possible, and we can provide your Home Report for you at a convenient tine that fits in with your schedule.

We operate from Monday to Friday, 8am – midnight and weekends from 8am – 10pm so there is always an appointment to suit. We provide Home Reports across Scotland including Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow.

Our surveyors are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and specialise in providing Home Reports, Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) and Property Surveys.

To book your Home Report or enquire for more information, email us today at office@homereportcompany.co.uk  or give our head office a call on 0131 608 0175

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